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Future Proof Solutions

As part of our companies policy to provide innovative future proof solutions to our clients, we bring you Cargo Hold and Ballast Tank Inspection using UAV and Drone technology

The introduction of ROV’s as a means of inspection has been well proven over many years in the offshore industry, since the miniaturisation of such technologies the opportunity to apply this method to Ship Inspection has become ever more apparent. Deployment, flight and retrieval of our drone is easily accomplished by our team, while visual data captured can be viewed live or reviewed later by ships staff, superintendents, class surveyors, ship management company and vessel owners


Benefits for this method of inspection are-

· Less intrusive than staging quicker and safer than deploying rope access technicians

· All areas of the cargo holds & ballast tank can be inspected and monitored

· Visual data can be viewed live or transformed into digital mapping for later analysis

· Photos and recordings can be integrated into 3-D modelling software

· Data can support the reduction in thickness measurement and coating repairs

· Reduced Health & Safety Risk, low risk to the ships crew and inspection personnel

· Can be carried out at sea, alongside or in dry-dock


All types of inspection are possible-

· Condition surveys, classification society close-up surveys, owners surveys

· Steel condition, internal impact damage, fractures, deformation, leakage

· Internal inspection of closed cargo hold hatch covers

· Anodes in ballast tanks

· Tank and cargo hold coating condition

· Ladder, safety rail condition, damage investigation

· Valve operation reach rods, hydraulic/pneumatic actuator lines

· Pipelines, including welds, flanges, supports, clamps and coatings

· Suction bell-mouth condition, accumulation of sediment, scale, or sludge

· Fixed tank gauging equipment including standpipes, wires, floats and tapes

· Tank washing machines, heating coils

· Thermal video surveys and more


Continuous development-


Our company is working closely with a selected manufacture to improve and develop our range of Water Proof, Rugged, Marine Inspection Drones our aim is to provide the very best in drone inspection services







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