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Text Box: G&G Technical Services Ltd, was established in 1985 to deliver the finest combination of integrated inspection services to the ship management and ship owning community

We deliver a wide range of services to satisfy your needs and have built up a team of qualified professional personnel with years of experience in the marine industry 

Our inspection engineers, access technicians, steel inspectors and NDT professionals deliver a complete range of proven quality services

G&G Technical Services specialise in ship inspection, our inspectors (team leaders) have at least 20 years of personal experience in ship inspection, surveys & dry-docking repairs
Some are members of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, ultrasonic engineers are qualified to A.S.N.T. Rope Access Technicians are certified by IRATA, Structural Surveyors, Steelmen, New Build Inspectors have completed training with Lloyds Register, Coating Inspectors are certified by NACE and Drone pilots are members of UVAS

Ship Inspection is our Speciality, our track record and reputation speaks for itself, our company continues to apply innovative and cutting edge technology to our inspection services, our latest venture includes the application of UAV drone technology to Ballast Tank and Cargo Hold Inspections
For further details see our News page. Whatever your requirements....Your Survey Partner ....is here to help...

Tel: (UK) +44 (0) 208 543 7762

E-mail: ggtech@ggtechserv.com


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