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From humble beginnings....

In 2014 we carried out an experimental inspection in a bulk carrier hold using a basic open form quadcopter, our tests were highly encouraging and much was gained from the experience


Since then we have continued with our R&D programme to establish which types of Drones are best suited for internal inspection of steel structures such as ballast tanks, cargo holds, containment tanks and those better suited to external inspections of onshore, offshore units and wind farms


Having tested a variety of electronic packages fitted to open form frames and standard off  the shelf drones, we quickly established that none of these are up to the long term exposure encountered in a vessels structure which are frequently wet, humid in the case of ballast and containment tanks, dusty or erosive in bulk carriers, in addition to the various weather effects encountered when inspecting onshore, offshore installations and wind farms


To meet these environmental demands we have built our range of rugged, waterproof  drones in two different sizes.


A different drone for a different job, quadcopters & coaxial drones

Searcher-S and Searcher-L our rugged, waterproof drones are built in two sizes. Searcher-S is a small format quadcopter, its reduced size makes it ideal for internal inspection of a wide variety of structures. Searcher-L a larger version of Searcher-S is suited to inspection of external structures, with its increased size it offers a wider variety of camera and payload options including delivery systems


Innovative Coaxial Drone (coming soon) continuing our support for crowd funded “Accent Systems” we are waiting for delivery of the worlds first coaxial based drone, this innovative cylindrical water proof design offers a wide range of camera and video options including thermal imaging, making it an ideal tool for external surface analysis surveys







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