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Text Box: Twelve major survey and dry-dockings completed, refinement  continues on our dedicated ship inspection Drones for use in Confined Spaces, Ballast Tanks and Cargo Holds

Thirteen projects completed, four owners surveys, one LR close-up survey, three ultrasonic thickness surveys and  five steelwork refit supervisions

Our company has been contracted by Ship Owners & Ship Management Companies for numerous surveys and dry-dockings throughout the world since 1985

Nine principle projects completed, involving several vessel types and services including major dry-dock supervision

Twenty projects completed including owners condition surveys, pre dry-dock inspections, close up surveys, dry-dock assistance and our first cargo hold inspection using a Drone

Projects 2015– 2016

Projects 2012-2013

Projects Pre– 2012

Projects 2013-2014

Projects 2014- 2015

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